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Be a partner in development of the Nation

Bharat Vikas Parishad is striving for the development of the Nation. You can also participate in this effort  by (a) becoming a member of Bharat Vikas Parishad, (b) enrolling yourself as a “Vikas Ratna” or “Vikas Mitra”  and (c)  donating for various sewa &  sanskar projects.

Donations to Bharat Vikas Parishad are eligible for income tax exemption under section 80-G of Income Tax Act. Donations may kindly be sent by cheque / demand draft in favour of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Bharat Vikas Bhawan, BD Block, Behind Power House, Pitampura, Delhi-110034.






Karyakarta Karyashala
The annual Karyakarta Karyashala (workshop) was organized at DAV Public School, Yusuf Sarai on 20th May 2012. The attendance was nearly 100. Smt. Shashi Azad compered the programme which included reading and adoption of General Secretary's Report and Financial Report for the year 2011-12. The oath of office was then administered by Shri Madan Malik to the newly elected team comprising Smt. Shashi Azad President, Shri K.B. Mahajan General Secretary and Shri K.C. Sud Treasurer.

The outgoing team viz. Shri M.L. Arora President Smt. Shashi Azad General Secretary and Sh. Nalin Kohli Treasurer was also given a warm send off by presenting them shawls. Shri B.L. Parashar who has been recently decorated as Vikas Samarpit, was also honoured by other Vikas Samarpit veteran Shri S.K. Rastogi. New Directory of members was then formally released.

Shri B.L. Parashar spoke about various projects of BVP. Shri Madan Malik presented a graphic picture of the viklag evam diagnostic centre which has now expanded from one to 13 such centers across the country. Shri D.N. Grover exhorted everyone to motivate the elite and the educated to join this movement.

The second session was dedicated to the conveners of various projects. They spoke about the activities they had undertaken in the year 2011-12 and what their vision for the next year was. For the dental van it was emphasised that all branches must requisition the van for their respective areas. Shri K.B. Mahajan spoke briefly about eye donation (149 donors) and Vikas Sandesh. The last session was for the distribution of Appreciation certificates among various branches and conveners for their work during 2011-12. 

State organized its second Karyakarta Karyashala  after a gap of merely 18 days, on 9th June 2012. May-June being months of school vacations it was felt that this is the right time to approach school Principals for our school related projects viz. NGSC/NSGSC, GVCA and BKJ. With this in mind it was thought to equip our branch executives for these projects with in-depth knowledge by our experienced seniors and fellow executives. Presidents, Secretaries of all branches and conveners of these projects attended. It was felt that BVP literature should be given to the Principals and its salient projects brought out extensively to instil interest there of. 34 persons attended the workshop.

(Niti: Aug., 2012)

Annual Workshop: karya karta prashikshan shivir 
Delhi South: Annual workshop karya karta prashikshan shivir  was organized on 22.05.2011 at DAV Model School, Yusuf Sarai attended by the state executive committee members, branch office bearers and conveners of various Projects. The camp was also graced by National & Zonal Adhikaris  including I.D. Ojha, National Working President. In the process of evaluation of branch's performance during last year this branch was honoured with seven projects. The state conveners, who are also our esteemed adhikaris, were awarded special merit certificates for the excellent performance in their projects. Promila Grover Mahila Sahbhagita, S.N. Jain Eye Donation. Branch has adopted 2 orphaned children in Swami Vivekanand Bal Bharati School Madan Gir for the year 2100-12. Members Smt. Sneh Sood and Smt. Usha Relani donated Rs. 8230/- each for the school children. 

(NITI: August, 2011)

Annual Karyakarta Prashikshan Shivir
Delhi South:
The Annual Karyakarta Prashikshan Shivir for the State Executive Committee Members and all Branch office bearers including branch conveners for 2010-11 was held on May 23, 2010 at DAV Model School, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi.

The Workshop started with Deep Prajawalan followed by Vandematram. Directory of Office Bearers published by the State for the first time in such a detail was then releasd by our Patron, Dr. R.K. Thakur. He appreciated the efforts put in to bring out the directory in such a short span. Alkananda Branch sponsored the cost of the Directory.

BVP Projects and programs are divided under two parts "SEWA" and "SANSKAR". National Secretary & Advisor Sh. B.L. Parashar explained in detail about SEWA Programs. Sh. V. Talwar, National Secretary gave details of our Vanvasi Sahayata Projects. The State Convener of Viklang Sahayata & Health Programs then presented their targets and clarifications.

Sh. I.D. Ojha, National Working President and Chief Advisor while addressing the gathering, appreciated the attendence and contents being provided at the workshop. He expressed confidence of now being able to showcase his home state. Sh. Ojha presented in great details the various SANSKAR programs of BVP and emphasized their national importance. The State Conveners of NGSC, Bharat Ko Jano, GVCA, Sanskriti Saptah, Bal / Yuva / Parivar & Praudh Sanskar, Eye Donation, Mahila Sahbhagita & Publicity, then presented their targets & clarifications.

 Recognition of Achievements by Branches and office bearers is important, besides being motivating them for the coming year. As customary, certificates were then distributed to the branches & conveners in accordance with their performances during 2009-10.

While handing over cheques from 6 members for enrolling as VIKAS MITRA, Sh. Ojha was requested to give a fixed percentage of the funds collected towards Vikas Ratnas & Vikas Mitra to the concerned branch & state; this would act as an incentive and also provide the much needed corpus fund for their projects. He promised to place this forcefully before the National Governing Board.

Sh. R.N. Choudhary, President thanked the members present. Special thanks were given to the DAV staff for the excellent arrangement. After the National Anthem, all present dispersed for Lunch.  

(Niti: Aug, 2010)

Prantiya Annual Conference

Delhi South Prant
held its annual Conference for the office bearers of various Branches on 13th June, 2009.  Present on the occasion were Dr.R.K. Thahkur, Shri I.D. Ojha, National Working President and many other luminaries on the Parishad.


Shri R.K. Aggarwal presided over the function which was attended by 62 representatives of 18 branches. Awards were presented to the Branches for their work during the 2008-09

Awards Winning Branches for the Year 2008-09 





Membership B Block, JKP G K 1 C2 Block, JKP 
Viklang Sahayata G K 1 Alaknanda B Block,JKP 
Vanvasi Shayata B Block, JKP GK 1 C2 Block, JKP 
Permanent Projects JKP ( Main) -- -- 
Bal Sanskar JKP ( Main) C2 Block, JKP Tilak Nagar 
Bal Kalyan B Block, JKP C2 Block, JKP A Block, JKP 
Health C2 Block, JKP B Block, JKP JKP ( Main) 
NGSC/NSGSC B Block, JKP Dwarka -- 
GVCA A Block, JKP B Block, JKP C2 Block, JKP 
Bharat ko Jaano Alaknanda GK 1 A Block JKP 
Sanskriti Saptah B Block JKP Janakpuri ( Main) A Block JKP 
Samaroh JKP (Main)  C2 Block JKP BB Block JKP
Public Relations  GK 1 B Block JKP A Block JKP
Environment Janakpuri ( Main) GK 1 C2 Block JaKP 
Samoohik Saral Vivah  B Block JKP  &Tilak Nagar C2 Block JKP --
Praud Sanskar JKP (Main) A Block JKP  & C2 Block JKP Alaknanda

Overall :

First:   B Block, Janakpuri   Total 11 ( 6 Firsts)
Second:  Janakpuri (Main)  Total 6 ( 5 Firsts) 
Third:  GK 1 Total 6 ( 2 Firsts) 
Third:  C2  Block, Janakpuri  Total 10 ( 1 First)

                                                                                                                  CONGRATULATIONS; KEEP IT UP!!

(Vikas Sandesh:Jun-Jul'09) 

Our Silent Heroes: Shri T.R. Jairath

Janakpuri in New Delhi has been home to several leaders in the arena of social work particularly in the context of Bharat Vikas Parishad. Names of Dr. R.K.Thakur, Shri I.D. Ojha, Shri M.L. Gaur, Shri B.L. Parashar, Shri R.K. Aggarwal and several others are well known. Not only they come from Janakpuri, they have achieved enviable heights in the BVP.

Yet there is another class of social heroes who are dedicated to the human cause with diligence which can surprise any body. One such person is Shri T.R. Jairath, a resident of BE Block in Janakpuri.

A product of Doaba College, Jalandhar Jairath retired as a Senior Manager of State Bank of India in 1995. Social service was in his blood as his father himself was an ardent Samaj Sevi. During his student life he would go out to help the weak and needy classmates, while in service he would extend a helping hand to colleagues, customers and even seniors. The poor and the handicapped would get his special attention.

Old habits die hard. Jairath proved this adage. He did not waste a day after his retirement from service. He joined the Social Service Wing of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Hospital. For the last 14 years he is there from 9.00 1.00 p.m. everyday without any break.

It is a treat to see him at ‘work’. He is an ‘enquiry office’ for hundreds of patients, a ‘registrar’ for the Gynecology department, a ‘custodian’ of the missing children and above all, a help to all those referred to by anyone in the BVP and other social organizations. For such patients he would himself take them to the concerned doctor or department for whatever is required by him /her. No wonder, he is an icon in the hospital.

At home, Jairath has an ailing wife - children have all fled to their ‘nests’. The lady is absolutely bed-ridden and needs help for her basic requirements, too. Jairath has to lock her in as he goes for his ‘duty’ everyday. When asked why he does not leave the hospital job to look after his wife, Jairath giggles, “It is her creation. She is the one who had pampered me to join the hospital. Even now, she wants me there to serve the people”.

Jairath is loving personality. At 74 his bewitching smile will clean bowl you. I salute him.

                                                                                                                R.N. Choudhry, Prantiya General Secretary, Delhi South Prant
(Vikas Sandesh:Jun-Jul'09) 

Vikas Sandesh is one year old 

VIKAS SANDESH -  the bi-monthly newsletter of  Delhi South Prant completes one year of its publication and   service to the members of Delhi South Prant. Congrats.

(Editor:  Shri K.B. Mahajan)                                                  

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