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Be a partner in development of the Nation

Bharat Vikas Parishad is striving for the development of the Nation. You can also participate in this effort  by (a) becoming a member of Bharat Vikas Parishad, (b) enrolling yourself as a “Vikas Ratna” or “Vikas Mitra”  and (c)  donating for various sewa &  sanskar projects.

Donations to Bharat Vikas Parishad are eligible for income tax exemption under section 80-G of Income Tax Act. Donations may kindly be sent by cheque / demand draft in favour of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Bharat Vikas Bhawan, BD Block, Behind Power House, Pitampura, Delhi-110034.




                     Karnataka SOUTH          


    District-wise Branches  


    Annual Prantiya Report


    Other Reports from the Prant     


    Elected Prantiya Office Bearers  


 District-wise Branches


            CODE                   DISTRICT / BRANCHES

            KTS5340                   DAKSHINA KANNADA

            KTS5350                   SHIMOGA

            KTS5360                   DAVANGARE

1          KTS5360 02                Gauthama

            KTS5370                    CHITRADURGA

            KTS5380                    UDUPI

2          KTS5380 01                Udupi / Bhargava

            KTS5390                    CHIKMAGALUR

            KTS5400                    HASSAN

            KTS5410                    TUMKUR

            KTS5420                    BANGALORE URBAN

3          KTS5420 01                 Badarayana

4          KTS5420 03                 Jayanagar / Parashara

5          KTS5420 12                 Sathyakama
6          KTS5430 14                 Maithreyi

            KTS5430                    BANGALORE (RURAL)

7          KTS5430 01                 Vidyaranya
8          KTS5430 04                 Lokamanya Rajajinagar
9          KTS5430 07                 Chalukya

            KTS5431                    RAMANAGARA

10        KTS5431 02                 Channapatna/Kanva
11        KTS5431 05                 Balagangadharnath - Bidadi

            KTS5440                    KOLAR

            KTS5441                    CHIKBALLAPUR

            KTS5450                    MANDYA

12        KTS5450 01                 Bharti Nagar / Boudhyana

13        KTS5450 02                 Kadamba Maddur

14        KTS5450 03                 Malavalli / Gaganachukki

15        KTS5450 06                 Sriranga
16        KTS5450 07                 Pandava
17        KTS5450 08                 Vishwamanava
18        KTS5450 09                 Pandith A Mallappa /Halgur

            KTS5460                    MYSORE

19        KTS5460 01                 Bharadwaja

20        KTS5460 02                 Nanjangud/Kapila

21        KTS5460 06                 K.R. Nagar/Kashyapa
22        KTS5460 07                 Paramahamsa
23        KTS5460 08                 Triveni - T.Narasipura

            KTS5470                     KODAGU

            KTS5480                     CHAMRAJANAGAR

24        KTS5480 01                 Chamrajanagar/Babruvahana

25        KTS5480 02                 Kollegal/Nijaguna

26        KTS5480 03                 Yelandur / Biligiri




(a) Education .........3.........(b) Medical Care ................2............(c)
 Aid  to Needy .....................
(d)  Other Activities of Social Needs .........................
2...................      (f) Total .................7..............



1. Viklang Sahayata (No. of beneficiaries of artificial limbs and other aids)                  1
2. Viklang Punarvas (No. of persons rehabilitated in work and provided other assistance)                1
3. Vanvasi Sahayata - Amount contributed for (a) N.E. States............ (b) Own Prant............
4. Environment - No. of trees planted & Tulsi plants distributed Trees........100........... Tulsi.......300.... Total........400
5. Health
(a) (i) No. of  camps               12
    (ii) No. of  beneficiaries           2000

(b) No. of blood units donated

6. Samagra Gram Vikas Villages ..........1....... Total Projects.........1
7. Gram / Basti Vikas Yojana Gram/Basti ................. Total Projects............
8. Samuhik Saral Vivah (No. of couples)


II. SANSKAR Branches   Shivirs Participants
1. Sanskar Shivir - Bal, Yuva, Praud & Parivar (Branch level)      
(i) Bal / Yuva Sanskar Shivir      
(ii) Praud  Sanskar Shivir      
(iii) Parivar Sanskar Shivir      
  Branches                           Schools  Students
2. NGSC (Branch level)


            16          170
3. NSGSC (Branch level)        20             17          200
4. Bharat Ko Jano (Branch level)        25            170       8400
5. Guru Vandan Chhatra Abhinandan
(a) No. of Brs / Schs / Total stds attended
       12              42       800
b) No. facilitated / honoured Students .........24....... Teachers........12........
6. Guru Teg Bahadur Balidan Diwas      
7. Other Inspiring Events


III. SAMPARK Branches                           Programmes Participants
1. Sanskriti Saptah          2          2         250
2. Workshops           (Workshops)    1        80
3. Seminars      
4. Sthapna Diwas & Pratibha  Samman         8      2      300
5. Mahila Sahbhagita                    
6. VIP Sampark No. of VIPs contacted          .............15...............                   
7.Videsh Sampark No. of addresses with e-mails sent to Zone / Centre................
8. Publications No. at Prant Level ...1 No. at Branch level ....
9. Media Sampark Nos.Contacted.......28 No. of Press Conferences held .2





Second Council Meeting
Karnataka South
: The second Council Meeting was held at R.V. Teacher's College, Bangalore on 02.09.2012. In addition to transacting routine business, organizing special programmes in connection with Silver Jubilee of the Prant, Golden Jubilee and 150th year celebration of Vivekananda were also discussed. The meeting unanimously decided to nominate Shri N. Shankarlingaswamy as General Secretary for the year 2012-13. The Prant Office had been functioning in the space donated by Komarla Group of Shri K.G. Subbramasetty, Zonal Patron. But members voiced their firm resolve to strive for our own building. Shri T.B. Rajeswara Sastry, Patron and Vikas Ratna spoke at length about expansion of permanent projects without limiting to one village and inclusion of youth oriented programmes.

(Niti: Dec., 2012)

Workshop for Branch Office Bearers
Karnataka South
: Workshop for Branch Office Bearers of Prant hosted by Bharadwaj Shakha, Mysore was held on 20th May 2012. The session was inaugurated by Shri N. Daulath Rao in the august presence of Shri Chidananda Swamiji of Hosa Mutt, Mysore. Shri M. Venkataram Sanchalak RSS Karnataka was the other chief guest. Swami Vireshanandaji of Shri Ramakrishan Ashram spoke at length on Bharathiya Samaskritik Parampara. The main thrust of his speech was how the British tried to break India by imposing their own language, culture and creating myths of Aryan aggression etc. which was later exploded by the BBC itself through its website which established beyond doubt that the Hindu Samaskriti had prospered materialistically as well as spiritually right from the Mohenjo Daro or even earlier times notwithstanding the periodic alien aggressions.

This was followed by brain storming interactive sessions by Shri N. Daulath Rao, (Constitution and Rules of BVP) Dr. Ashok Kumar (Membership andolan) Shri Nagaraju (organisation and vistar), Dr. B.D. Patel (AV presentation on Sanskar), Shri H.G. Jagadish, on Sampark and Sahayog, Dr. Balasubramanya (Prez. Vivekananda Yuva Morcha) on seva programmes, their objectives and execution and Shri K.S. Sridhar Murthy on accounts and audit.

Shri C.N.N. Raju, and Shri Khova S. Revanna gave details of the special tasks ahead of us in the silver jubilee year of our Prant, Golden Jubilee year of BVP, and the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda in 2012-13. The chief guest in the valedictory function that followed were Shri Tontadarya, Vikas Ratna and M.L.C. and Shri G. Madhusudan, M.L.C. presided by Shri H.G. Jagadish, President Bharadwaja Shakha Mysore, who hosted the workshop. The new office bearers of the branch Shri A.C. Ashok Kumar, President, Shri S. Chidambar, Secretary, and B.N. Ranganatha Rao, Treasurer were administered oath of office, by Shri N. Daulath Rao, Shri Nagaraju, and Shri K.N. Ramaraj Urs, respectively.

(Niti: Jul., 2012)

Workshop for Shakha office bearers of 2011-12
Workshop for Shakha office bearers of 2011-12 was held on 11th and 12th June 2011 at R.V. Teachers Training College premises, Jayanagar. It was attended by Office Bearers of as many as 21 branches besides Prant Executive Committee members and conveners of various projects. The Chief Guest was R.R. Krishnamurthy, (All India Organising Secretary), Sanskar Bharathi. Other distinguished guests viz: K.G. Subbarama Setty, Shri A.S. Nataraj, Dr. B.D. Patel, V.N. Joshi, addressed the gathering about Vikalang Sahayata Building Project, organisational matters, constitution and bye-laws, BVP Rajath mahotsav, maintenance of accounts etc. Another guest speaker was Smt. Parimala Venkateshmurthy from Youth for Seva organization. The Prant conveners of various projects like NGSC/NSGSC, BKJ, GVCA, blood donation camps, Viklang Sahayata, Environment, Samoohik Saral Vivah etc. gave interactive presentations of their respective subjects. Chief Guest for the Valedictory function Shri U.B. Bhat, former Rotary Governor, Bangalore, praised the objectives and achievements of the Parishad.

(NITI: August, 2011)


Prant Level Workshop: 2010
Karnataka South :
The workshop for Office-Bearers of the branches and State Convenors of all programmes hosted by Kanakapur (Ramanagar Dist.) a nascent branch, (started on 18.01.2010) was held at the premises of BGS Vidyaniketan, a renowned Math Trust, i.e. Adichunchanagiri Educational Trust, on 22nd and 23rd May 2010. 16 Branches were represented and the delegates were 70 Males + 4 Females.

The Inaugural Function was held on 22.05.2010 where about 120 people were present. Sh. B.C. Krishnappa, Prant President, presided over the function. Sh. Mummadi Shivarudra Mahaswamiji, Mathadyaksha, Maralegaur Math,  was the Chief Guest. Sh. M. Bhanuprakash, President of Kaveri Shakha, welcomed all the delegates, dignitaries and Mahaswami.

Sh. N. Doulath Rao, gave a brief history of BVP and the saga of development for the last 48 years of its founding. Sh. K.G. Subbarama Setty, Patron, highlighted the activities of Vikalanga Sahayata & Punarvas Yojana  and the project of the Pranth to establish 14th Centre in Bangalore in the near future. Sh. Mahaswami in his ashirvachan hailed the activities of BVP in Samskar & Seva Programmes.

The workshop on 22nd May was followed by a visit to the local temple of Sh. Venkataramana Swamy which is known as CHIKKA (Small) Tirupati which is centuries old.

On 23.05.2010 the valedictory function was held presided over by Sh. B.C. Krishnappa, Prant President. Dr. S.Somashekar, M.S., Retd. Surgeon, Victoria Hospital and Sh. Shivabasavegowda, Chairman of the Educational Trust, were the Chief Guests. Sh. T.B. Rajeshwara Shastri, Vikas Ratna and Sh. Nagaraju, Zonal Secretary, Zone XVI were the guests of honour.

Dr. S. Somashekhar a disciple of Ramachandra Mission in spreading the message of adhyatma, meditation and Service to mankind. Chairman of the Trust declare that the premises of the school at Kanakapura and Chennapatna can be utilised for its various activities.

Niti; Sep.,2010)

Karnataka South Prant Level Conference: 2008-09
Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan, Hon'ble Minister, for Haj, Wakf and Minorities Welfare, Govt., of Karnataka, inaugurated the Third Prant Level Conference on Saturday the 10th January, 2009 in Bangalore. The Minister lauded the programmes and activities of the Parishad specially its service programmes being conducted, meticulously.

Prof. M.R. Doreswamy, M.L.C. Founder President, P.E.S. group of institutions released the special souvenir brought out on this occasion. Zonal Patron, Shri K.G. Subbarama Setty, presided over the function.

In the first session National Patron Justice Dr. M. Rama Jois, M.P. on "The Mission and Vision of Bharat Vikas Parishad.
The other topics addressed by the eminent speakers in this two-day conference were: Indian Family System in the era of Globalisation, duties and responsibilities of leader, effectively conducting the programmes and objects, Human Resources and Public Relations in BVP.

All the Vikas Mitras and Vikas Ratnas were specially honoured by giving special mementoes. Members who served as office bearers at the Shakha level and continued their membership for more than 10 and 15 years were also recognised suitably. The various programme conveners were recognised on this occasion.

The valedictory address was delivered by National Addl. Secretary General, Shri N. Doulath Rao. Shri P.R. Ananda Rao, Dr. B.D. Patel and Shri A.S. Natraj were other guests of honour. Prant President Shri Nagaraju presided over the function. Shri C.N.N. Raju, Prant General Secretary proposed the vote of thanks.

Nearly 275 delegates from all the branches participated. And ten delegates also actively participated from the Karnataka North Prant as goodwill delegates.

(Niti: Apr.,2009)
(Click on the picture to view the larger image)


NATIONAL level workshop: 2008-09
The National level workshop 2008-09 for
the Prant Zonal and National office bearers of BVP in the States of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu and Andhara Pradesh was held at R.V. Teachers College, Jayanagar II Block, Bangalore on 31st May and 1st June, 2008. Eight designated faculty members together with 45 office bearers from the above four states participated in the workshop.

The Two-day workshop was inaugurated by Shri I.D. Ojha, National Working President and Shri K.G. Subbarama Setty, Patron-Zone XVI at 10 am on 31st May, 08. National Patron Justice Dr. M. Rama Jois graced the occasion and addressed the gathering. This was followed by business sessions. Shri S. Ramanna, National Organising Secretary, explained the philosophy and objectives of the Parishad. Shri K.D.Gupta, National Additional Secretary General highlighted the duties and responsibilities of all the office bearers at the Prant and Zonal level. Shri S.K.Verma, National Vice President dealt at length with the procedures in respect of record keeping, record managements principles and its maintenance.

Shri Harish Jindal, National Finance Secretary, covered various points including-financial management, budgeting, fund raising, accounts and audit, Vikas Mitra / Ratna and Uttkrishtata Samman etc. Shri Satish Chandra, National Secretary explained the salient features of BVP constitution and Bye-Laws. First day's proceeding were conducted by Shri N. Daulath Rao, National Additional Secretary General.

On the next day i.e. Sunday, 1st June, 08 the first session was chaired by Shri I.D. Ojha, National Working President who explained about the effective mode of conducting programmes, reporting and Sanskar projects. This was followed by deliberations on Sewa projects by Shri S.K.Wadhwa, National Additional Secretary General. Dr. Satya Prakash Tiwari, National Chairman for Seminars spoke about holding of seminars and finally concluding remarks were given by the National Vice President Shri S.K.Verma.

(Niti: Aug.,,2008)

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