Pujya Swami Ji is the President and spiritual head of Parmarath Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), which  is one of the largest and most renowned spiritual institution of Bharat.

Touched by the hand of God when he was only eight years old, Swami Ji spent his youth in silence and meditation and lived an austere life in the heights of the Himalayas. At the age of seventeen, after nine years of sadhana, he returned from the forest--under the orders of his guru--and obtained Master's Degrees in Sanskrit and Philosophy as well as fluency in many languages.

Unity, harmony, and the belief in the infinite paths to God, are the foundation of Pujya Swamiji's "religion." He has attended numerous international, inter-faith conferences and parliaments, including the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in 1993, the Parliament of World Religions in Capetown, South Africa in 1999, the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religions and Spiritual Leaders at the United Nations in 2000, the World Economic Forum in New York in 2002, the World Council of Religious Leaders at the United Nations in Bangkok in 2002, the World Conference of  Religions for Peace in Kyoto, Japan in 2006 and the Global Youth Peace Summit at the United Nations in New York in October, 2006.

He is also the founder and the spiritual head of the first Hindu Jain temple in America. This is a grand and beautiful temple located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His motto is "Giving is Living," and for this purpose he is heading dozens of projects. He is the Founder/Chairman of India Heritage Research Foundation (IHRF), an international, non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to providing education, health care, youth welfare, vocational training to the needy population. Schools, hospitals, an ambulance and an orphanage/gurukul are only a few of IHRF's innumerable projects.

Pujya Swamiji has received numerous awards for both his role as a spiritual leader and also for his unparalleled humanitarian work.

Some noteworthy awards are:

1. Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian award, given by the Mayor of New Jersey,  USA for outstanding charitable and interfaith work.

2. Hindu of the Year award by the international magazine 'Hinduism Today'.

3. Devarishi Award, by Sandipani Vidya Niketan, under the guidance of Pujya Sant Rameshbhai Oza for promoting Indian culture and heritage across the world.

4. Bhaskar Award, by Mystic India and Bharat Nirman for Outstanding Humanitarian Service.

In addition to the above he has been awarded Prominent Personality Award by Lions' Club; Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta Charitable Trust Award for Progress in Religion; Best Citizen of India Award and National Integration Award.

Further, he has been given the title of Patron of the Russian Indian Heritage Research Foundation, Moscow, and he is also a Patron of the Centre for Religious Experience in Oxford, UK; the International Naturopathy Organisation and the Bapu Nature Cure Hospital in Delhi.

Swamij has started Ganga Aarti on the bank of Holi River Ganga at Rishikesh also. He travels all over India and abroad, giving pravachans, spreading the message of Indian culture and purifying the minds and hearts of his audience by giving them Sanskar.




Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji


Shree Raghaveshwara  Bharathi Swamiji, the present pontiff of the Shree Ramachandrapura  Math, is the 36th guru in the avichinna parampara (the unbroken lineage). He took deeksha from Brahmaikya Shree Shree Raghavendra Bharathi Swami, the previous pontiff, in April 1994. Since his peethaarohana in April 1999, the present pontiff has dedicated himself to usher in an era of happiness, peace and prosperity to the entire humanity. Swamiji's intellectual and spiritual strength, moral vision and compassion place him on par with great religious leaders of the world.

Shree  Math was established over a thousand and two hundred years ago at Gokarna by Adi Shankara, who anointed his disciple Shree Vidyananda as the first pontiff.

The Shree Math has a wide following all over India and abroad and devotees who belong to different communities seek the spiritual guidance of Swamiji.

Under the guidance of Shri Raghaveshwara Swamiji the Shree Math has undertaken a number of religious, social, educational, cultural and environmental programmes especially for the benefit of the rural population.

Shree Math has undertaken a number of measures to save, protect and propagate the native Indian breeds of cattle through awareness, education and positive action.To achieve this goal a Goyatra was organised in November 2005 covering a distance of 5830 km. through Karnataka and Kerala. Actually it is Gomata who nurtures our life, believes Swamiji.It also held a Vishwa Gou Sammelan in April 2007, a 9 day global conference & festival on Indian breed cattle.

Under Vanajeevana Yajna more than one crore splings have been planted till date. Shree Math prevents the exploitation of natural resources like forests, rocks, mountains, rivers, sandbanks, etc. through education and protest movements.'From cradle to grave we are in the lap of Nature, let us learn to live in harmony with her' is Swamiji's message.

To dispel the darkness from within and outside, Shree Bharathi Gurukula Vishwavidyalaya is being set up in Hosanagara for the study of ancient Vedas and Kalas. Shree Math runs a number of educational institutions, mainly in rural areas which offer both Vedic and modern systems of education.

Shree Bharathi Nethra Chikithsalaya, Punyakoti Cancer Awareness and Research Centre, and Mobile clinics take care of the health of humanity.

Swamijis Shree math has instituted the following prestigious anual awards:

(i) Raamaanugraha Prashasthi for outstanding contribution in different fields.

(ii) Chaathurmaasya Prashasthi for outstanding achievement in social, cultural, and educational fields.

(iii) Shreemaatha Prashasthi is given to women who dedicate their lives to the welfare of the society and

(iv) Gopala Gourava Prashasthi for cowherds and institutions which have rendered remarkable service to Indian breed cattle.

Ramanavami festival; Chaathurmaasya Vratha and Ramayana Mahasatra are annual events of the Math which are celebrated with full gusto.

Shree Ramachandrapura Math is running its 10 branches, 7 temples, 26 educational institutions, 9 hospitals and 6 other institutions all under the able and dedicated stewardship of Swami Raghveshwara Ji.

Swamiji believes in three living gods; child, cow and nature. 'Let us Love, Worship and Protect them' is his direction.