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3. Ramayan (contd)




32 What was the name of the place where Vishwamitra was performing his yagya ?

33 Who accepted to perform this yagya when vashistha refused ? Vishwamitra

34 Who accompanied Vishwamitra in the yagya organised by Maharaj Janak ? Ram and Lakshman

35 Vishwamitra brought Ram and Laxman to save his yagya from demons. Name the demons ?
Marich and Subahu

36 Name the two extraordinary skills given to Ram by Vishwamitra while taking Ram and Laxman with him.
Bala and Atibala

37 On whose insistance, Dashrath agreed to send Ram and Laxman with Vishwamitra ?
Guru Vashistha

38 To whom Ram killed first while going to the forest with saint Vishwamitra ? The demon Tadka

39 For how many days Ram and Laxman rescued the yagya of Vishwamitra ? Six days

40 Which demon was killed by Ram while rescuing the yagya of Vishwamitra? Subahu

41 What Ram did to mareech ?
Threw him away to a far distance (100 Yojans) with his arrow

42 Who was Mareech's mother ?
The demon Tadka

43 Where did Kushdhwaj, the brother of king Janak rule ?

44 Name the parents of Parshuram.
Renuka and Jamadgni

45 Name the wife of Maharshi Gautam ?

46 Name the father of king Janak ?

47 Name the Guru of king Janak .
Shatanand (Sadanand)

48 Who gave birth to Sita ?

49 What is the literal meaning of Sita ?
The harrow



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