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3. Ramayan (contd)




86 How many monkeys were sitting at Rishyamuk hill when Sita threw a bundle of jewellery while being abducted by Rawan ?

87 At the time of abduction of Sita, which king of birds had a fight with Ravan? Jatayu

88 At the bank of which river Ram cremated Jatayu ?

89 Which two demons did Bali kill ?
Mayasur and Dundubhi

90 Which state was ruled by monkey king Bali ?

91 In the monastery of which saint the blood drops were split when Bali killed Dundubhi ?
Saint Matang

92 What was the curse called down by the saint matang when he saw the blood stains in his monastery?
He cursed that who so ever has spread blood in his monastery would instantly die on coming near the monastery .

93 Which was the meeting place of Ram and Sugriva for the first time ? Rishyamook Hills

94 Why did Ram not kill Bali on his first fight with Sugreev ?
He could not differentiate between the two as they were so similar to one another .

95 What did Ram do to ascertain identification of Sugreev ?
He garlanded Sugreev with the wreath of gaj pushpi.

96 Name the wife of Sugreev ?

97 Name the wife of Bali ?

98 Where did Ram and Laxman live for four months of rainy season after the Sugreev’s coronation ?
In the caves of Prasrvan hills

99 To whom did Sugreev send at the door to calm down Laxman, when Laxman went to remind Sugreev to send teams for searching Sita after the end of rainy season ?


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