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3. Ramayan (contd)




130 Name the maternal grandfather who advised Ravan to compromise with Ram ?

131 Who came forward in support of Vibhishan and advised Ram to accommodate him in his company .

132 Who was the winner in the war between Ram and Meghnad on the first day ?
Meghnad, he tied both Ram and Laxman with the serpents.

133 Who killed Lavnasur ?

134 Who brought Sita in the battlefield to show Ram and Laxman tied with the serpants ?
The demon ladies

135 Who convinced Sita that Ram and Laxman were alive ?
The demon lady Trijita

136 Who unbound tied Ram and Laxman ?

137 Who killed Meghnad ?

138 Who killed Kumbhkarna ?

139 Who sent his chariot seeing that Ram was fighting against Ravan on foot? Indra

140 Who was the charioteer of the chariot sent by Indra ?

141 Which great lady of Lanka is revered as Sati ?

142 Where did Ram go to repent for a Brahman's killing ?

143 Whom did Ram greet first after returning from exile ?

144 In which ashram (monastry) did Lav and Kush born ?
Valmiki's Ashram

145 To whom Ram offered the post of Yuvraj (Crown Prince) when he was crowned as king ?

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