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4. Mahabharat (contd)



30 Arjun attempted to kill Yudhishthir with sword. In which Parva of Mahabharat is this episode narrated ?
Karan Parva

31 Aswathama advised Duryodhan to compromise with Pandavas.  In which Parva of Mahabharata is this event narrated?
Karan Parva

32 Which Parva of Mahabharat has description of ParasharGeeta ?
Shanti Parva

33 In which Parva of Mahabharat there is description of death of Bhishm pitamah ?
Anushasan Parva

34 Name the mother and father of Bhishma Pitamah. 
Ganga and Shantanu

35 What was the real name of Bhishma Pitamah ?
Dev Vrat

36 Which king , other than Yudhishthir, lost his kingdom in gambling  according to Mahabharat ?

37 Which state was ruled by king Nal ?

38 Whose daughter was Damyanti, the queen of king Nal?

39 To whom the king Nal lost his kingdom in gambling ? 
His brother Pushkar

40 Name the sister of Vasudeo?
Pritha, the daughter of king  Shoorsen, also known as Kunti.

41 WhichsailorwomandidShantanumarry?

42 Name the father and mother of sati Savitri?
Ashwapati and Malvi

43 Name the sons of Satyavati.
Chitrangad and Vichitra Virya

44 Who, according to Mahabharat, threw her seven children into the  Ganga river?
Ganga, the wife of Shantanu

45 Name the mother of Dhritrashtra.

46 Name the mother of Pandu.

47 Bhisma abducted three princess of Kashiraj,married two of them  with Vichitravirya. What was the name of third ?

48 Amba and Ambalika were the princesses of which state ?


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