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4. Mahabharat (contd)




109 Name the brother of Madri, who fought in favour of Kauravas ?

110 Who was Yuyutsu ? 
Son of Dhritrashtra who fought in favour of Pandavas

111 How many commanders took charge for Kauravas forces in  Mahabharat war ?

112 Who was the first commander of Kaurava's forces in Mahabharat War ? Bhishma Pitamah

113 For how many days Bhisma fought as commander in chief ?
10 days

114 Who was the commander of Kauravas after Bhisma ? 

115 For how many days Shalya remained chief commander of  Kauravas army?
One day

116 Who was the first commander of Pandavas forces in Mahabharat War ? Dhrishtadyumn

117 Who arranged forces to form Chakravyuh in Mahabharat ?

118 On which day of Mahabharat was Chakravyuh framed ?
Thirteenth day

119 Where was Arjun when Chakravyuh was framed ?
He had gone to fight with the Sanshaptaks

120 Howmanywarriors joined hands in chakravyuhto killAbhimanyu ?

121 Who killed Ghatotkach, the son of Bheem in Mahabharat war ? 

122 Karna procured 'Shakti' from Indra to kill Arjun, but this was used to kill someone else. Who was he ?

123 Name the two warriors who used Brahmastra in Mahabharat war.
Arjun and Ashwathama

124 Which deadly weapon was used by Ashwathama against the Pandavas towards the end of Mahabharat War ?

125 Which deadly weapon did Arjun receive from lord Shiva ?

126 On which day of Mahabharat war, Sri Krishna made an attempt to kill Bhisma with his Chakra forgetting his vow not to participate in the war ?
Third day



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