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4. Mahabharat (contd)




149 Who killed Dhristhdyumn,Uttamoja and Yudhamanu ?
Aswathama killed them by beating

150 Who killed the five sons of Draupadi?
Aswathama killed them by sword

151 Who became the commander of Kauravas forces after Karan's
death ?

152 Who killed Uluk, the son of Shakuni ?

153 Who killed Shakuni ?

154 Which day of the Mahabharat it was when Shakuni was killed ?
Eighteenth day

155 Who killed Shalya ?

156 What did Duryodhan do after the death of Shalya ?
He took shelter in a pond. Pandavas followed him and asked to fight. on being assured to fight against one person, he came out of pond and was killed by Bhim.

157 Who amongest the Pandavas survived after the Mahabharat
war? Five Pandavas, ShriKrishna and Satyaki

158 Who amongest Kauravas survived after the Mahabharat war?
Kripacharya, Aswathama ,Yuyutsu,Vidur and Sanjay.

159 What happened as Arjun and Shri Krishna stepped down from
the Chariot after the Mahabharat war?
The chariot immediately got burnt to ashes

160 What advice was given to Yudhishthir by Vyas after the end of
war ?
To have aswamedh yagna

161 Why was Yudhishthir reluctant to perform aswamedh yagna after
the end of war ?
Due to scarcity of fund

162 Whom didYudhishthir appoint as aYuvraj after his coronation ?

163 WhomdidYudhishthirappoint asaMinister afterhis coronation?

164 Whom did Yudhishthir appoint as Incharge of Finance after his
coronation ?

165 Whom did Yudhishthir give charge to look after the Army after his
coronation ?

166 Whom didYudhishthir give the responsibility to safeguard against
enemies after his coronation ?

167 Name the son of Abhimanyu ?


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