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8. History (contd)



5 Which are the first reference books having Lord Budha’s sermons?

16 During the reign of which king of Magadh did Lord Budha die?

17 Name the capital of ancient kingdom Avanti.

18 In the reign of which king the first Buddhist council was held?
Ajat Shatru

19 Whom did Chandra Gupta defeat to establish Maurya regime?
King Dhananand

20 Where was the capital of Chandra Gupta Maurya established?

21 Under whose guidance did Chandra Gupta Maurya establish his regime? Chanakya

22 Which foreign invader did Chandra Gupta Maurya defeat and Married to his daughter?

23 During the reign of which Indian king did Magasthanese come to India? Chandra Gupta Maurya

24 What was the name of present Afghanistan during Mahabharat period? Gandhar

25 Who was the father of Ashoka, the great?

26 Name theDaughter and son of KingAshokawho was sent abroad to propagate Buddhism?
Shanghmitra & Mahendra

27 Who ended the reign of Maurya dynasty?
Pushyamitra Shunga

28 During the reign of which king was Sanchi Stup (Tower of Sanchi) built? Ashoka

29 Who was the last emperor of Maurya dynasty?

30 Who was the first emperor of Gupta dynasty?
 Chandra Gupta-I

31 With which ancient Indian emperor is Nepolean compared ?
Samudra Gupta

32 Name the king of Gupta dynasty whose reign is known as golden period? Chandra Gupta-II

33 Under whose regime did the great poet Kalidas live?
Chandra Gupta-II

34 Who took the title ‘Vikramaditya’ in Gupta dynasty?
Chandra Gupta-II

35 Which ruler of Gupta period was an expert Veena player?
Samudra Gupta


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