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8. History (contd)




77 Name the Rajasthani warrior who bravely fought Mehmood Gaznavi to check his advance towards Somnath.
Gogha Bapa

78 Which Muslim invader attacked holy Somnath temple?
Mehmood Gaznavi

79 Between whom the famous Tarain war was fought?
Prithvi Raj andMohd.Gauri

80 How many times did Prithvi Raj defeat Mohd. Gauri?
Sixteen Times

81 Who was defeated in Tarain War -II?
Prithvi Raj

82 Where were Prithvi Raj’s ashes kept?

83 Which Indian king provoked Mohd. Gauri to attack Prithvi Raj?
Jai chand

84 Who established the SlaveDynasty in India?
Qutab-ud-din Aibak

85 Name the king of Slave dynasty who was called Darvesh King?
Nasiruddin Mahmud

86 Who was the last king of Slave dynasty?

87 Who ended Slave dynasty?
Jalaluddin Khilji

88 During the period of Delhi Sultnat how many dynasties ruled India?
Five- Slave, Khilji, Tughlaq, Sayyed And Lodhi

89 Towhich dynasty Razia Beghum, the only Muslim lady ruler in India belonged?
Slave dynasty

90 How many kings of Khilji dynasty ruled in India?
Three-Jalalud-din, Alla-ud-din & Qutb-ud-din Mubarak Khilji

91 Who founded Tughlaq dynasty?
Ghyiasuddin Tughlaq

92 Who ruled in India when Timur the lane invaded?
Sultan Mahmud Tughlaq

93 Who founded Sayyed Dynasty?
Khizra Khan

94 Who was the last king of Sayyad Dynasty?
Alam Shah

95 Who founded Lodhi Dynasty?
Bahlol Lodhi

96 Who was the first Muslim Sultan to attack Hindu kings of South India?Allauddin Khil


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