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8. History (contd)




176 For how many years Shahu, the grandson of Shivaji lived as a captive in prison of Mughals?
18 years

177 Name the person who persuaded Shivaji tomake settlement with Aurangzeb?
Raja Jai Singh

178 What was the title given to the Prime Ministers in Maratha States? Peshwa

179 Who was the first peshwa who became ruler of Maratha Kingdom?
Balaji Vishwanath

180 Which Peshwa brought the Maratha empire to its zenith after Shivaji? Balaji Bajirao

181 Name the five prime powers into which Maratha empire splinted? Peshwas at Poona,Gaekwads at Baorda, Bhonsles at Nagpur, Holkars at indore and Scindias at Gwalior

182 Whom did Guru Gobind Singh help to get the crown?
Bahadur Shah (Muazzam)

183 At what age Maharana Ranjit Singh proclaimed himself a king?

19 years

184 Which ruler of Punjab possessed Kohinoor ?
Maharaja Ranjeet Singh

185 Name the last Nawab of Awadh?
Wajid Ali Shah

186 At which place did Vasco-de-gama first land in India?

187 For how many years did Portugese rule Goa?
451 years (1510-1961)

188 Who established Sikh Raj in Punjab?
Maharaja ranjit Singh

189 Name the brave commander of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh who extended his empire upto Afghanistan.
Hari Singh nalwa

190 In which year did the British Queen take over the administration of India in her hands?

191 Which was the first capital of British empire in India?

192 When was the shifting of Capital announced from Kolkata to Delhi?

193 In which year did Jalianwala Bagh Massacre take place?


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