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12. Saints and Social Reformers (contd)




10. Ramanand - The work done by Ramanujacharya in south India was accomplished in north by Ramanand. He is at the top in Vaishnav Bhaktas. His pupils belonged to all religions and castes. Kabir was one of them.

11. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu - A great devotee of Radha-Krishna of 14th century A.D. Made disciples of all casts. Started kirtan as medium to worship God. His activities were limited mostly to Bengal. Founder of Gaudiya Vaishnav Sect.

12. Kabir - A prominent disciple of Ramanand in14th century. Was weaver by profession. Made every effort to reconcile between Hindus & Muslims. Was critical of the evils of both the religions. Was a great poet. Was a devotee of the bodyless (Nirgun) God.

13. Guru Nanak - Founder of Sikh religion and it's first Guru. Born at Talwandi of Punjab (now in Pakistan) in the house of Kalu Ram Mehta in 1469. He taught vedic culture through local languages. Died in 1539.

14. Meera Bai - Born in Medta in Rajsthan in 1498. She was the daughter-in-law of Rana Sanga of Mewar. When offered she, drank a cup of poison smilingly. A great devotee of Krishna. Died in 1546.

15. Tulsidas - A great devotee of Ram, well known poet of 16th century. He was author of Ram Charit Manas and other books. Stimulated the minds of Hindus oppressed by Muslim rulers. He was a Sanskrit scholar, but wrote in local language.

16. Tuka Ram - A Vaishnav saint, born in Maharashtra in 17th century.

17. Ravi Das (Raidas) - A famous saint of 16th century who was bornin a cobbler's family. Was a staunch follower of Swami Ramanand.Prominent Krishna devotee. Mirabai came into contact with him forsome time.

18. Ballabhacharya - Another important devotee of Krishna born in the house of Laxman Bhatt of Andhra Pradesh in 15th century. Studied in Kashi and lived in Brindavan also for some time. His philosophy is called Shudha Dwait according to which God takes the shape of the universe at his will.

19. Gorakhnath - An eminent disciple of guru Matsyendra (Machhendra) Nath. Staunch Hath yogi, famous for his miracles. Several Mutts are spread all over India where he is worshipped.

20. Jhule Lal - An honourable personality in Sindh of 10th century. He foiled the attempts of Muslim rulers to convert Hindus into Mohammedan enblock. He is immensely respected by Sindhi community.

21. Tiruvalluvar - Born in Ist century BC. Famous Tamil Saint who hailed from a weaver family. His writings are edited in the famous book Tirukkaral.

22. Kamb - Born in Tamilnadu thousand years back. A devotee of Ram. Wrote Kamb Ramayan in Tamil and propagated Ram Katha in south India.


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