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14. Politics and Constitution (contd)




46.Which house out of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council cannot take part in the election for President?
Legislative Council

47. Which Bill passed by Lok Sabha even after being not returned by the Rajya Sabha is deemed to have been passed by both the houses of Parliament? Money Bill

48. How many proposers and seconders are required to file the nomination for the office of Vice-President?
20 Proposers & 20 Seconders

49. On the recommendations of which body, the sharing of Finance is done between center and states ?
Finance commission

50. In which year was Taskhent Treaty signed?

51. Up to what extent tenure of Lok Sabha can be enhanced in special circumstances?
One Year

52. After the gap of how many years, Finance commission is set up by the president?
5 Years

53. Inspiration of distribution of powers between Centre and state is taken from which country?

54. Who will be the caretaker for President in absence of both president and vice president?
Chief Justice of Supreme Court

55. Who gave the slogan ''in one country 2 signs, 2 heads and two constitutions, won’t exist.''
Shyama Prasad Mukherji

56. Who is the chair person of joint session of Parliament?
Chairman of Lok Sabha

57. Inspiration for republic system of the constitution is taken from which country?

 58. At which place was Rajiv Gandhi assassinated?
Sriperambdur, Chennai

59. Name the prime minister who did not appear in Parliament even once during his term as Prime Minister?
Chaudhary Charan Singh



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