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14. Politics and Constitution (contd)




138. When was the first elected Communist Government formed in a state? April 5, 1957 in Kerala, EMS Namboodripad as CM

139. Name the person who presented maximum number of Central budget? Morarji Desai, 8 times, 5 times in a row under Jawahar Lal Nehru from 1959 to 1964 and three times under Indira Gandhi from 1967 to 1970

140. Who undertook fast unto death for creation of separate state, Andhra Pradesh?
Pottu Sri Ramulu, fast upto 58 days died on Dec.15, 1952, A.P. State came into existence 3 days later.

141. Name the first person elected as speaker in an assembly?
L .M. Pailee, Cochin state assembly in 1947.

142. Which state had President rule for maximum period?
Punjab from May 11, 1987 to Feb. 25, 1992.

143. Which state had Presidents rule for minimum period?
Orrisa, 13 days from Dec. 16, to 28, 1976.

144. Which states had Presidents rule for maximum times?
Kerala, Punjab & U.P. each nine times

145. Name the CM of a state who had shortest tenure?
Jagdambika Pal was CM of U.P. for just one day on F eb. 21, 1998. Ravi Naik had a two day tenure as C M of Goa from April 2 to 4, 1994.

146. Name the youngest person to hold CM post in a state?
Prafulla Kumar Mohanta of Assam was 33  when he was sworn in on Dec. 24, 1985.

147. Name the person who became chief minister of two states?
Narayan Dutt Tiwari, UP and Uttaranchal Yashwant Rao Chavan, Mumbai and Maharashtra.

148. Who had been the woman chief Minister in T. N. for longest period?
J. Jayalalitha of AIADMK

149. Name the first chief minister of a state who was assassinated?
Beant Singh of Punjab on Aug. 31, 1995



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