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14. Politics and Constitution (contd)




150. Name the woman CM who held office for three successive terms?
Sheila Dixit Dec. 3, 1998, on Dec. 15, 2003 and again in 2008.

151. Name the woman who took office of CM in four continuous assemblies of a state?
Mayavati of BSP remained CM of U.P. in 12th assembly from June 3 to oct. 27, 1995 in 13th assembly from March 20 to Sept. 20, 1997, in 14th assembly from May 3, 2002 to Aug. 26, 2003. and 15 th assembly from May 13, 2007 to March 7, 2012

152. Name the first CM who surrendered before court?
Bihar CM Rabri Devi

153. Name the first CM to be indicted?
J. Jayalalitha CM Tamilnadu was imprisoned in Chennai Jail for 28 days from Dec. 7, 1996 to Jan. 3, 1997

154. Name the first woman foreign Secretary?
Chokila Iyer, March 31, 2001

155. Which is the oldest civic body in Bharat?
Madras Municipal Corporation, Set up on Sept. 29, 1688

156. Name the person who had been the Mayor for longest period?
Adarsh Kumar, Mayor of Shimla, June 9, 1986 to Sept. 18, 1996

157. Name the youngest Mayor ?
Sanjeev Naik was 23 years and 24 days when be become Mayar of Navi Mumbai on May 9, 1995

158. Name the youngest woman Mayor? R enu Shah, Singrauli in M.P. on Dec. 28, 1999 at the age of 25 Years 3 Months 18 Days.

159. How many members the constituent assembly had which was elected in July 1946 by Provincial assemblies?

160. Whether M.A. Jinnah and MK Gandhi were the members of the constituent assembly? No.

161. In how many heads were the important fundamental rights classified in original constitution?

162. When was the right of property repealed by the constitution?
In 1978, with effect from June 20, 1979.

163. Which part of the constitution deals with the Fundamental rights of Bharatiya citizens?

164. If President relinquishes his post due to any reason, for how long Vice President may hold his office?
6 Months



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