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15. Geography (contd)



106. Out of the tributaries of Indus river, which one is flowing through Bharat only?

107. Name the tributaries of Indus river?
Jhelum, chenab, Ravi,Satluj and Beas

108. Which river is dividing the Aravali mountain range in two prats ?
Banas river

109. Name the important tributaries of Ganga river.
Yamuna, Sone, Gomti, Ghagra, Gandak and Kosi

110. Name important tributaries of Yamuna river.
Chambal, Betwa and Ken

111. When a stream of Ganga enters into Bangladesh, by what name it is known?

112. When a stream of Ganga enters into West Bengal what is its name?  Hoogli

113. Where does Ganga river ends its journey?
Into the Bay of Bengal

114. How many parts the great plateau of Pennisular India has? Name them.  Two, The Malwa Plateau and Deccan Plateau

115. The Malwa Plateau is flanked with which hills?
Aravali hills in north West and Vindhya in South

116. Name the important hills situated in Western Ghats?
Sahyadri, Nilgiri, Anna Mallai and cardoman Hills

117. Which one is the highest peak of the Peninsular Bharat?
Anaimudi peak in Kerala, 2695 meters

118. Name the hill which comprises Eastern Ghats?
Mahendra Giri

119. Name the important rivers of Deccan Plateau?
Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Cauveri, Narmada and Tapti

120. Which important rives of Deccan Plateau flow from West to East and merge into Bay of Bengal?
Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna

121. Which important rivers of Deccan Plateau flow from East to West and merge in Arabian Sea?
Narmada and Tapti


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