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Be a partner in development of the Nation

Bharat Vikas Parishad is striving for the development of the Nation. You can also participate in this effort  by (a) becoming a member of Bharat Vikas Parishad, (b) enrolling yourself as a “Vikas Ratna” or “Vikas Mitra”  and (c)  donating for various sewa &  sanskar projects.

Donations to Bharat Vikas Parishad are eligible for income tax exemption under section 80-G of Income Tax Act. Donations may kindly be sent by cheque / demand draft in favour of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Bharat Vikas Bhawan, BD Block, Behind Power House, Pitampura, Delhi-110034.




25. Scientific Development




33. Who is the first woman scientist to head a missile project in India?
Tessy Thomas

34. What is the range of Agni -V missile?
5000 Km

35. Which is the world's fastest cruise missile in operation?

36. How many Bharatiya scientists have been conferred with Nobel Prize? Four

37. Which agency of Bharat is responsible for the development of technology, used by the armed forces?
Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

38. How many nuclear power plants are installed (Operatonal) in Bharat?
21, as in Jan 2015

39. Which scientist is known as "father of Indian nuclear program"?
Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha

40. The Higgs-Boson, also known as God particle contains the name of which Bharatiya scientist?
S.N. Bose

41. Name the great bharatiya mathematician of 12th century, who wrote the first work with full and systematic use of the decimal  number system? Bhaskara II

42. 'Lilavati' is the part of which book of the Bhaskara II (Bhaskaracharya)? Siddhanta Shiromani

43. Name the book written by parmara king Bhoja of Dhar (11th century) Samarangana Sutradara

44. Which Bharatiya ruler developed and used rockets in war against Britishiners?
Tipu Sultan

45. Which Bharatiya scientist is famous for his work on photosynthesis in plants?
Govind ji

46. For which work was C.V. Raman conferred the prestigious Nobel prize? Work on scattering of light (Raman Effect)

47. When was internet started in Bharat?
15th Aug. 1995

48. What name is given to the first nuclear-plant in Bharat?

49. Which is the first ballistic missile submarine have been built by Bharat? INS Arihant

50. How many satellites would constitute the constellation of IRNSS?
7 (Seven)


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