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28. Sports (contd)




96. Who is the only Indian to win Asian Junior and sub-Junior chess titles in the same Year?
Tejas Bakre, in 1998.

97. Who is the youngest Indian woman to achieve men’s grand masters norms in chess?
Koneru Humpy at 15 years 58 days.

 98. Who is the youngest Indian world Champion in any sport?
Sahaj Grover claimed U-10 boys chess title at Belfort, France in July 2005 at the age of 9 yrs. 10 months 21 days

99. Who is the Indian chess player to beat Computers?
Viswanathan Anand simultaneously played 6 computers and won 4-2 in 1997.

100. Who is the youngest Indian chess player to win Commonwealth mens title?
P. Hari krishna (15) won the gold at London 2001

101. Name the Indian chess player to win most International titles in a year?  Vishwanathan Anand won eight international titles in 2000.

102. Name the Indian chess player to hold two world cups in two successive tournaments?
Vishwanathan Anand, 2000 and 2002.

103. Name the Indian who won national chess Championships for maximum times ?
Manual Aeron won 9 National titles five of them in a row for 1969 to 1974

104. In which year Indians won all the six medals at stake in Asian Junior Chess Championship?
2003 in Colombo.

105. Who was the first Indian woman to become International master in chess?  
Jay Shree Khadilkar, 1978.

106. Name the youngest Indian woman to win Asian chess Junior Championship?
M. Kasturi, 14, won in Tehran in 2001

107. Who was the first Indian to receive a medal in chess Olympiad?
Rafiq Khan Silver medal, in 1980 Olympiad

108. Who was the first Indian to receive a gold medal in chess Olympiad? Dibyendu Barua in 1990

109. Name the youngest girl champion in International chess event?
Tania Sachdeva won the British chess Championship (Girls 4-8) at Dundi, Scotland in 1993 when she was 14 days short of her seventh birthday.


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