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28. Sports (contd)




177. How many total medals has India won in hocky in Olympics so far?
8 gold, one Silver and two bronze (Total 11) gold in 1928, 32, 36, 48, 52, 56, 64 and 80, silver in 1960 and Bronze in 1968 and 72.

178. Which is the longest unbeaten sequence of Indian hockey in Olympic? For 32 successive years and 99 days from 1928 Amsterdam Olympics to 1960 games at Rome, India remained unbeaten in 30 matches

179. What is the world record which India still holds in Hockey Olympics? Since its debut in 1928 India has participated in 18 Olympics (till Athens 2004), scored 415 goals (maximum by any team) and conceded 130 in 114 matches, win 76, drawing 13 and losing 25 a success rate of 70%.

180. Which Indian has scored maximum number of goals in an Olympic hockey match?
Roop Singh scored 11 goals against USA on Aug.11, 1932 while his brother Dhyanchand scored 8 goals.

181. What is the biggest victory margin in hockey Olympics?
India beat USA 24-1 on Aug.11, 1932 at Los Angles.The next best margin was in 1980 when India beat Tanzania 18-0

182. Who has been the best goal keeper for India in Olympic hockey tournaments?
Richard J. Allen, did not concede a single goal in 5 matches in 1928, two goals in 1932 and one goal in 5 games in 1936. A rare feat, conceding only 3 goals in 3 successive Olympics.

183. Name the Indian who won champions of champion title in a combined competition for leading men and women rifle shooters in the world cup final at Munich in 2002?
Anjali Ved Pathak Bhagwat.

184. Who is the first Indian to win individual silver medal in Olympics in a shooting event?
Major Rajyavardhan Rathod

185. Which is the oldest swimming club in India?
Kolkata Swimming club established 1887

186. Name the youngest champion in national swimming competition?
Nisha Millet was only 12 when when she became Senior National Champion

187. Name Indian to win first Asian games gold in swimming?
Sachin Nag, 100m, free style, in 1951 Asiad, New Delhi



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