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28. Sports (contd)




188. Name the first National Champion in table tennis?
M. Ayub won the title at Kolkata in 1938.

189. Which Indian woman represented India in Table–tennis world Championship for maximum times?
Indu Puri, Eight times between 1972-85.

190. Who has been the youngest woman National Table tennis Champion? Mantu Ghosh was 16 when she won the title at Jaipur in 1990-91

191. Who has been the first Indian to win commonwealth men’s Singles Championship in table tennis?
A. Sharath Kamal, Kuala Lumpur in 2004.

192. Who was the first Indian to reach quarter final in Wimbeldon Tennis Tournament?
Gaus Mohd. Khan, 1939.

193. Who was the first Indian to reach semi final inWimbledon tennis tournament?
Ramanathan Krishnan Twice, 1960 and 61

194. Who has been the first Indian pair to reach semi final in Wimbledon tennis tournament?
A.H. Fayzee with L. S Deane an E nglish man in 1923. Both Indians to reach semifinal were Vijay and Anand Amritraj in 1976.

195. Which Indian pair won the Wimbledon doubles title in tennis for the first time?
Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati in 1999. 

196. Who has been the first Indian woman to reach final in the Junior Wimbledon tennis Championships.
Rita Davar, in 1952.

197. When did first national Squash Championship start?

198. Who was the first National Squash champion?
Raj Kumar Narpat Singh, Performed a hat trick by retaining his title for next two years.

199. Who has been the national squash Champion (men) for the maximum times?
Anil Nayyar, 8 times.

200. Who has been the national squash Champion (women) for the maximum times?
Bhuvneshwari Kumari, 16 times.

201. Who has been youngest squash national woman Champion?
Joshna Chinappa, at 14 yrs in 2001

202. When was the first National Tennis Championship held?
In 1946 at Kolkata


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