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41. Swami Vivekananda (contd)




61. What was his main achievement at Kanayakumari?
He resolved to work for upliftment of masses.

62. What is the name of resolution Swamiji made at the rock South of Kanayakumari?
Kanayakumari Resolution of 1892

63. It is said that Swamiji had a symbolic dream in which Shri Ram Krishna walked out into the sea and beckoned him to follow. Ma Sharda Devi had a similar illusion. How did Swamiji take these events?
Swamiji decided to go abroad.

64. What opportunity Swamiji had to go to West?
Disciples requested him to attend Parliament of religions at Chicago as Indian representative.

65. When did Swamiji start his first foreign trip?
May 31, 1893

66. What did he realize on reaching Chicago?
He came to know that the dates of the meeting have changed and no one could become a delegate without credentials. Further the date for registeration has been expired.

67. Who helped Swamiji at that juncture?
Catherine Sanborn of Boston.

68. Who provided letter of introduction to Swamiji on rquest of Catherine Sanborn?
Prof. Henry Wright of Horward University.

69. What did John Wright write in the introduction letter?
Dr. Wright wrote – “Here is a man who is more learned than all our learned professors put together.”

70. Who helped Swamiji when he reached Chicago again but lost address of organizers and spent the night without food and shelter?
Mrs. George Hale.

71. Whose house became the permanent address of Swamiji at America?
Mrs. Hale.

72. When was Parliament of religions started?
September 11, 1893.

73. How did Swamiji address the gathering in his first lecture at parliament of religions?
Sisters and brothers of America, immediately there was a thunderous applause from the vast audience.

74. What was the gist of swamiji’s first address to the meeting?
The goal of all religions is the same, the paths followed are different



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