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41. Swami Vivekananda (contd)




109. Where did he meet Teerath Ram Goswami, a well known mathematician who later preached vedant in India and abroad as Swami Ram Tirth?
Lahore , in 1897.

110. What is the important teaching of Shri Ram Krishna according to swamiji?
Jiva is Shiva (each individual is divinity itself.)

111. On what principle is Ram Krishan Mission established?
Mokshartham Jagat Hitaya Cha (For ones own salvation and for the welfare of the world).

112. When did Swamiji go to West again?
On June 20,1899

113. Who accompanied him in this journey?
Sister Nivedita&Swami Turyanand

114. Which institute Swamiji founded in California?
Shanti Ashram(Peace retreat)

115. Who was given the charge of Shanti Ashram?
Swami Turyanand.

116. When and where the Congress of History of Religions held?
August,1900 at Paris

117. When did Swamiji return from the second visit of West?
In December,1900.

118. What was the reason of his sudden return?
He had a premonition of Capt.Sevier’s death.

119. When did he travell with his mother for pilgrimage?

120. When was Swamiji gone to eternal Sleep?
On July 4,1902

121. Where did he die?
At Belur Muth

122. Where is Vivekanad Rock Memorial situated?
About 2 furlong south of Kanyakumari.

123. Who got built the Vivekananda Rock Memorial?
Eknath Ranade.

124. Who is an atheist according to Swamiji?
One who does not believe in himself.

125. What is Science according to Swamiji?
Sience is nothing but finding of Unity.

126. Name the books by Swamiji on Yoga?
Rajyoga, Karm Yoga, Gyan Yog & Bhakti Yoga.

127. Who said the following regarding Swamiji Vivekananda saved Hinduism, saved India?”
C. Rajgopalachari.


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