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Bharat Vikas Parishad is striving for the development of the Nation. You can also participate in this effort  by (a) becoming a member of Bharat Vikas Parishad, (b) enrolling yourself as a “Vikas Ratna” or “Vikas Mitra”  and (c)  donating for various sewa &  sanskar projects.

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41. Swami Vivekananda (contd)




140. When and where did Swamiji give his speech on public plateform?
13 Feb., 1893, At Sikandrabad, Andhra Pradesh.

141. At which place the Parliament of Religions held in Chicago?
Art Institute of Chicago

142. Where Swamiji took teaching job for some time?
In the school of Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar

143. What does William James professor of Harward University say about Swamiji?
He was a paragon of Vedantis.

144. Who said the following about Swamiji “Vivekananda is one of the very greatest figures that India has ever produced. When one sees the full range of his mind, one is astounded."
Christopher Isherwood.

145. Who said the following for Swamiji “It may be said that when he began to speak, it was the religious ideas of Hindus, but when he ended Hinduism had been created?"
Sister Nivedita

146. Whose words are the following with regard to Swamiji. "In centuries to come he will be remembered as one of the main moulders of the modern world?"
A.L. Basham, eminent British Historian.

147. What is education according to Swamiji?
Education is menifestation of the perfection already in man.

148. In which reference Swamiji once said the following. "It may be that I shall find it good to get outside my body to caste it off like a worn out garment. But I shall not cease to work?"
Regarding his death.



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